Friday, July 1, 2011

Road trip : Our Lady of Caysasay church

Our Lady of Caysasay church was located Bgry Labac, Taal, Batangas. From Taal church going to Lemery, will noticed this signed board.
singed board going to Our Lady of Caysasay
an ancestral house that can be found in Barrio Labac going to the church of Our Lady of Caysasay
 church of Our Lady of Caysasay 
inside the church of Our Lady of Caysasay
Steps going to Well of Sta Lucia ("Balon ng Sta Lucia") I think 20 steps then turn left 
trekking to well just a five minutes walk from the church

the well of Sta Lucia ("balon ng Sta Lucia") now known as Holy Water (“Banal na Tubig”) have been known to possess miraculous attributes of healing to this day.  An arch with pediment was constructed after 1611 over the wells, which generally marks the spot of her apparitions, and is today called Holy Place(“Banal na Pook”). 


  1. Lovely pictures.. sa Batangas to? Di pako nakakapunta dyan. Hope someday, matuloy rin ang trip to Batangas ko.. :)

  2. I have been to Caysasay Church, pero sayang di ko npuntahan yang well :D


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