Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bonding Moments

As a father is not so easy task to do it's like you have to work until midnight then wake early the next morning prepare the things that will be needed by that day. As you noticed I'm the one who cater my son because his mom is the one who work on other country & the one who run a small business here in our place. I'm his dad at the same time his mam, but it's ok with that, for the name of endless love (drama).

Activities of my son as a daycare students together with his fellow students & I just remember the days that I'm the one who is doing this, praying, singing & playing with my co-students.

as I am waiting for my son, to went home I noticed this tree that capture my attention & as an artist wanna be I call this one "The Isolated" a simple tree called "camatsili" in the middle of the green rice planted around it, the farmer who is busy on planting, The building behind him indication of progress. This is one of the lovely view that I always look up. I just appreciate it's real beauty even-though few years from now maybe it will be developed as a subdivision or a commercial area. 
that night my son & I (he just want to be called "Javier" of Minsan lang kita iibigin Coco Martin wanna be when he was at home but in school his real name & I'm "Jack Sparrow" of the Pirates of the Carribean just kidding) in a resting mode while we are singing together with his assignment for tomorrow entitled 
"color song"  
"red & yellow 2x
blue & green 2x
violet & orange 2x
brown & black 2x"
then before he go to sleep he just kiss me for a goodnight kiss & that one is the prize for all the things what happened on that day a simple kiss that really sought my stress... 

Mt. Maculot 2011 part 2

Unlike last year were more crowded going to Mt. Maculot & my cousin & I became the tour guide (just kidding) of our fellow friends, but the only difference is last year is much adventurous that this year.
at the bus picture taking & telling story. 
Riding at the jeep going to cuenca with smile at their faced, most of my fellow was also 
climb the Mt. Maculot  just to enjoy the Holy week.
Side view of Mt. Maculot at the bottom of it. 
this house is eye captivating to the traveler going to climb the Mt. Maculot is like a 
Mansion & I think owned by a foreigner I just don't know what his citizenship
there are food store at the top of the grotto, food available here are much 
expensive than the market eating lomi, rice & bread that we bring.
crowd that climb on this mountain & i think hundreds of people climb every hour
going down & still the traffic of the crowd is still there
picture taking in some rocks & trademarks of this mountain
as we are going down we are talking that our next destination is the 
1500 steps going down to Lumampao but sad to say we didn't get to 
the Rockies because of the bad whether

Mt. Maculot 2010 part 1

Mt. Maculot is one of the favorite day-trip destinations, also popular for weekend & summer vacation especially on weekends. This mountain at the heart of Batangas, is known for landmarks for travelers, cliff that is challenging for rock climbers, enjoyable & breathtaking for everyone.    
My cousin, me & my friend picture taking scenario at the church of cuenca before we climb. 
Scenic view of Mt. Maculot at the bottom of the town.
Land area of Mt. Maculot in the top of it
Rockies the top of it & favorite destinations of the rock climber.

Sleeping time without tent, just lying at the grass

-Photos from going to Rockies-

one of the favorite is this part the cliff was to stiff & slippery of the morning dew (hamog

going down the Rockies the other view of the back of the mountain, in this part the perfect view of Taal volcano & it's land area

picture taking & enjoying the view & the cool wind blowing

Experience @ SG

Experience in Singapore (SG) is one of the memorable things that happen to me, my sister invited me for a visit last October 2009 - Nov 2009 for 25 days & hope to get job on that country. First things that came up to my mind what is the whether, the culture, etc,. I arrived at Singapore 12midnight then my sister pick me up at the airport together with her board-mate. My first impression at Singapore is simple unique, there advance technology & a lot more, a far different from Philippine (PH). I can't tell every detail what happen to me but the experience was good. The next day morning I noticed that the whether in Singapore is the same in Philippine, humid. but the  Land area of SG is small
Similarity of Singapore & Philippine + differences
1. Same whether but the sunrise in SG is a bit late, I think the full sunrise there is 6:30am in the morning while in PH is 5:45am.
2. Transportation : in SG people there are more discipline rather than in PH 
3. Gadget & I think I would not mention all of that because we all know what system PH have.
4. Always bring map of SG where to ride to go to the other places.

There's are lot of different nation in SG also looking for  fortune & landed a good job not only the Filipinos have this belief always remember that other nation have also this belief, for some tips if you are applying as a tourist at SG click this:

Abstract experience: 
It's so hard to apply for a job at SG as a tourist because there's a lot of things to remember & the way they speak, there English are poor & not all can understand English especially when you are asking for some places or you want to buy at there store I can't remember what they call them but in the PH it's the wet market. I always go out to look for a job in SG but at that time there is a crisis there & they are interested for PR(permanent resident) & those who have the work permit. but sad to say I didn't landed a job.  

Photos shown below are some photos taken at SG: I can't even remember the name of places that we visited by my sister & i'll let the photos tell the story what have happen to me at SG... 

Carabao photos

Scientific name : Bubalus bubalis carabanesis
Tagalog : Kalabaw

The carabao is a domesticated subspecies of the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) found in the PhilippinesGuamIndonesiaMalaysia, and various parts of Southeast Asia. Carabaos are associated with farmers, being the farm animal of choice for pulling both a plow and the cart used to haul produce to the market.
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