Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Homeland (seaside view)

There's no sweet to the place that we can called it HOME. In our place we don't have the white sand, or whale shark(budanding), just this simple place a black sand, peaceful & relaxing place, people know each other & have respect, hospitable to strangers, sea that gives earn for living to their residents, clean place. Just imagine living in a simple barrio, fresh air, clean water, not so populated, young one's played on the seaside enjoying the beautiful scenario that sunset brings. 
swim till night go on...
trekking at the beach (of course on black sand)
young one's enjoyed how he play
Boats that are being used by the fisherman
lovely scenario that brings by the sunset


  1. theres no place like home ika nga nila.

    hi jimmy, my name is asiong! wow, i dont know what to say but i really see myself or my blog in you. im just happy to see a blogger doing the same thing as i do. like you, im also an artist wannabe and i see that in your photos as well. i like how you see things the way i do. like the camatsili tree or what you call "the isolated, the little kid on the picture at the top, you know, little things that people dont see very often. if i were to adopt a blog i would definitely adopt yours! hehe. im not sikat or whatsoever. i blogged for a reason and i hope that you blog not just to become famous or something. just be true to yourself and everything will fall into place. hala, nagdrama na ako. it was nice meeting man. god bless!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. pre tnx sa comento mo, oo nga napansin ko rin na we do have the same interest, tnx pre sa appreciation tsaka agree ako sau na merun tau (us)na napapansin na pwede sa paningin ng iba ay weird, pero para satin it's not just like that simple things its has its big purpose that really need to appreciated. tsaka i also bloged not to be famous gusto ko gnagwa ko at khit panu tumalon puso ko sa simple pero makabulahan mong mensahe


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