Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Experience @ SG

Experience in Singapore (SG) is one of the memorable things that happen to me, my sister invited me for a visit last October 2009 - Nov 2009 for 25 days & hope to get job on that country. First things that came up to my mind what is the whether, the culture, etc,. I arrived at Singapore 12midnight then my sister pick me up at the airport together with her board-mate. My first impression at Singapore is simple unique, there advance technology & a lot more, a far different from Philippine (PH). I can't tell every detail what happen to me but the experience was good. The next day morning I noticed that the whether in Singapore is the same in Philippine, humid. but the  Land area of SG is small
Similarity of Singapore & Philippine + differences
1. Same whether but the sunrise in SG is a bit late, I think the full sunrise there is 6:30am in the morning while in PH is 5:45am.
2. Transportation : in SG people there are more discipline rather than in PH 
3. Gadget & I think I would not mention all of that because we all know what system PH have.
4. Always bring map of SG where to ride to go to the other places.

There's are lot of different nation in SG also looking for  fortune & landed a good job not only the Filipinos have this belief always remember that other nation have also this belief, for some tips if you are applying as a tourist at SG click this:

Abstract experience: 
It's so hard to apply for a job at SG as a tourist because there's a lot of things to remember & the way they speak, there English are poor & not all can understand English especially when you are asking for some places or you want to buy at there store I can't remember what they call them but in the PH it's the wet market. I always go out to look for a job in SG but at that time there is a crisis there & they are interested for PR(permanent resident) & those who have the work permit. but sad to say I didn't landed a job.  

Photos shown below are some photos taken at SG: I can't even remember the name of places that we visited by my sister & i'll let the photos tell the story what have happen to me at SG... 

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