Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bonding Moments

As a father is not so easy task to do it's like you have to work until midnight then wake early the next morning prepare the things that will be needed by that day. As you noticed I'm the one who cater my son because his mom is the one who work on other country & the one who run a small business here in our place. I'm his dad at the same time his mam, but it's ok with that, for the name of endless love (drama).

Activities of my son as a daycare students together with his fellow students & I just remember the days that I'm the one who is doing this, praying, singing & playing with my co-students.

as I am waiting for my son, to went home I noticed this tree that capture my attention & as an artist wanna be I call this one "The Isolated" a simple tree called "camatsili" in the middle of the green rice planted around it, the farmer who is busy on planting, The building behind him indication of progress. This is one of the lovely view that I always look up. I just appreciate it's real beauty even-though few years from now maybe it will be developed as a subdivision or a commercial area. 
that night my son & I (he just want to be called "Javier" of Minsan lang kita iibigin Coco Martin wanna be when he was at home but in school his real name & I'm "Jack Sparrow" of the Pirates of the Carribean just kidding) in a resting mode while we are singing together with his assignment for tomorrow entitled 
"color song"  
"red & yellow 2x
blue & green 2x
violet & orange 2x
brown & black 2x"
then before he go to sleep he just kiss me for a goodnight kiss & that one is the prize for all the things what happened on that day a simple kiss that really sought my stress... 

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  1. nice bro! tatay ka na pala. nainggit naman ako. hehe.


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