Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Trip

We called this fish as "Tanasya"  the red rough skin but it's flesh is so delicious taste 
like "Lapu-lapu"& it's also perfect for "sinigang".
My son & my niece can't wait to eat & taste this fish
Crispy pata perfect for soy sauce,  slice onion & chili (siling labuyo) with tthe mixed up of 
a bit of sugar & garlic.

the Fried eggplant (tortang talong)  one of the favorite dish of the Filipino. Simple & easy to 
prepare perfect to dip in soy-sauce & chili (siling labuyo)  


  1. nagutom ako ulam nyo, bukod lang sa isda, hindi ako kukain ng isda! nakitambay din dito parekoy!


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