Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Sunday

Yesterday (Saturday noon) was shiny & lovely afternoon & I'm planing for a road trip for tomorrow (Sunday)  but suddenly when I wake up it was a rainy morning so I decided to stay at home hoping that the rain will stop in a minute but an hour later it is still raining because of tropical depression "Goring".

 then I buy some bread called "pandesal" for breakfast with
3in1 coffee & a cheez whiz spread.

after an hour later me & my son where playing his toys & after taking his bath I decided to play again with him but this time we make some photos of planking positions inspired by the Bulacan Photographer club from the topic of "Jessica Sojo" last night about a photographer. Photo below was his first position at the top of the round table, just a second of his photo & his the one who decided for the next different positions on the stair ways just laughing & photo-shot what position he wants to like, photos shown below & later he just felt asleep. 

I thought it was just an ordinary Sunday, but me & my son just enjoy 
the single moment doing those stuff & hope rain stop for tomorrow.


  1. dami kong tawa dito. lol. at child abuse to. kung anu ano pinagagawa mo sa anak mo. lol. joke unle.


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